Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Never pay another early termination fee.

Otherwise known as the "marginal coverage" clause. It's in almost every cell phone contract, including sprint, verizon, t-mobile and att (the "big four"). The clause states that if we cannot provide service in your primary place of use, we are required to let you out of your contract without early termination fees. Best thing? We don't really verify it. Verification consists of making sure the "no coverage" address you say you moved to is the address on your account. Yes, its that easy.

How to get your ETF's waived, step by step:

1. Locate your carrier's coverage map online. Find locations with no coverage. No roaming, no towers, not extended coverage, flat out no coverage.

2. Google an address for one of these locations. Most company websites even have tools where you can enter an address and find out if there is coverage.

3. Call your cell phone company and have your address on the account changed to this new "no coverage" location. Wait 24 hours.

4. Call back and advise the company you aren't getting service at your new location. Advise them its the location on the account. Now one of two things happen.

5a. Your CSR looks at a coverage map, verifies you do not have coverage, disconnects your lines at your request and waives your ETF's.

5b. They call tech support and a "trouble ticket" is opened to verify if you have coverage. They send a technician to the middle of nowhere, verify no signal, and notate your account. Once no coverage is confirmed you cancel your lines and the ETF's are waived.

Doesn't it pay to read that contract sometimes?

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