Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Customer: "That's not my problem." - Supervisor: "Well, its on YOUR bill."

I have a thing for verbage. Specifically, verbage used to describe your issue to me. There are ways you can make your point politely, and potentially I will help you. There are also ways to make yourself look like an asshole that doesn't care about the problem.


Customer- "Look, the store told me to pay this amount, I don't care if it was off two dollars because of taxes"

Supervisor- "I apologize Sir, however we cannot calculate taxes exactly until the bill prints, they can change at any time."

Customer- "That's not my problem. I'm not paying it".

(What I would like to say here is "Look asshole, its not MY bill that I owe two bucks on, and its not MY bill that will be going to collections and destroying MY credit. Guess what, it's your problem.)

Supervisor- "Well Sir that is your choice. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

Stab me in the larynx. Please.

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