Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Logical Question

Agent- "How may I help you Sir?"

Customer- "Well, times have gotten tough recently and we are going to have to get rid of our cell phones. You know, save money and all. We've been customers since 2001 with your company, and we were hoping we could get the early termination fees waived across three lines because of that loyalty."

Agent- "I'm sorry sir, but those fees are outlined in your contract, they cannot be waived."

Customer- "Well mam, I understand that it is in my contract but I was hoping you could help me out due to my tenure with your company, it would be really beneficial to me if we could get those fee's waived".

Agent- "Ok sir, if I may ask you a logical question. We greatly appreciate your loyalty, however you are leaving the company. How does your loyalty benefit us when you are choosing to disconnect?"

Customer- "HOW DARE YOU ASK ME A LOGICAL QUESTION! I want your supervisor!"

Agent- *Sigh* "Ok sir, please hold."

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