Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to avoid paying taxes on your cell phone bill, forever.

This is a simple trick I learned in training, but it seems few people know it. All cell phone companies have multiple addresses for your account. The most common one you are familiar with is the "bill to" address, where they send your mail. There is also an address called the "MDN" or "PPU" address.

PPU stands for "primary place of use". Legally, this is where you say your phone is used the most. We have to tax you based on that location. We take your word for it, nobody has the energy to follow you around with a bloodhound and verify this stuff.

How to avoid paying any more taxes on your cell phone? Change your PPU address to a state without taxes. I went with Oregon. I live in a high tax state (not as high as California or some east coast states) and saved 20 dollars a month by cutting out everything but the federal surcharges.

Now go out there and reduce that bill.

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