Tuesday, April 7, 2009

$1.49 My Ass

Customer- "There is a charge for 411 connect on my bill. It is $1.49. Do you see it?"

Supervisor- "Yes Ma'am, I see the charge."

Customer- "Well, I didn't dial it. I would like credit for that charge."

(Ok, so how did it get there?)

Supervisor- "Unfortunately Ma'am, those charges are billed by the 411 connect company when someone dials their number from your handset. You are responsible for any usage from your handset. The charge is valid."

Customer- "No, you don't get it. I didn't do it and nobody else did. I want credit."

Supervisor- "So what you are telling me is that our company management got bored one day, and decided to start placing random $1.49 charges on select customers bills just because?"

Customer- "Uhhhh.... Yes?"

Supervisor- "The charge is valid."


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